Choosing the right food for your puppy

Choosing the right food for your dog is no mean feat. Every dog is different, and the food that one dog likes isn’t necessarily going to be the best food for your other dogs. In the same way, the food that you feed your adult dogs is not going to be ideal for your puppy –as your new friend grows and develops, they’re going to need a different set of nutrients to the dogs you’ve had for a few years already. If you’re looking for help choosing the right food for your puppy, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Avoid the cheapest dog foods

As tempting as it can be reaching for the cheapest can of similar looking food, it’s worth bearing in mind that no two brands of pet food were born equal. You will tend to find that the cheaper dog food brands bulk out their food with cereals such as wheat, helping fill up your dog. Unfortunately, that is of little nutritional benefit to the dog, and can actually cause allergic reactions such as a dry and itchy coat. Look into brandslike Symply puppy food, which offers a hypoallergenic alternative.

With a much higher nutritional content, you’ll find that your puppy eats less before being full, it stays full for longer, and you’re throwing away less food at the end of the day.


Decide between dry and wet

Different dogs like different things. You may find that your puppy naturally prefers one over the other –if so, that will make your life relatively simple. If not, dry food tends to be cheaper and more convenient than the wet food, butalso tends to come with artificial colours and flavours which don’t do your puppy’s health any favours. Brands like Canagan and Symply puppy food are once again the ones worth looking into here, purely because they don’t add these unnecessary extras in.

Choose a brand which offers multiple flavours

Pizza could be your favourite food in the world; you might even go as far to say that you’d happily eat pizza for the rest of your life. If this pizza was suddenly restricted to just pepperoni and nothing else, you’d be a lot less enthusiastic. The same goes for your furry friends –giving them the same food morning noon and night, day in, day out, is going to bore them. Variety is the spice of life, but changing your dog’s food brand suddenly is going to upset their stomachs.

Get a brand of puppy food which comes in multiple flavours so that you can treat your puppy to a little variety without risking an upset stomach in the process. There are several brands of puppy food which achieves all this, including Canagan and Symply puppy food, both of which you can pick up here today at the most competitive prices online.

If you need any help deciding which food to buy for your puppy, feel free to contact a member of our team today.