Welcome to The Spa @ Paws Etc

Our grooming service where your dog is treated with the same loving care they receive at home.

We understand your dog is a precious family member, so when you entrust their grooming needs to us we treat them like a member of our own family. We’re building our reputation on providing the gentlest, safest and kindest of services.

All our clients receive the same standard of care by our qualified and experienced grooming stylists who will discuss your requirements upon your arrival at The Spa. Your stylist will personally see to your dog’s needs during his or her time in our salon and will never rush an appointment thus ensuring your dog enjoys a positive and relaxing experience – with plenty of cuddles!

We use natural paraben-free products which are safer for your dog and we never use drying cabinets. In all our sessions we offer a comprehensive range of additional treatments to give your dog the look and feel of a totally pampered pet.

Whether you choose a simple bath & brush, a trim or a full groom you can rest assured that your dog is in the best of hands.

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The Spa

At The Spa we make sure that each dog enjoys a luxury grooming experience in a safe and relaxing environment.

All dogs receive a free health and weight check by our Level 3 City & Guilds trained Groomers who will discuss your individual needs and

requirements to give your pet their undivided expert attention.

A full groom includes:

  • Free consultation
  • Free health and weigh check
  • Bathing
  • Drying – all dogs are dried by hand Brushing
  • De-tangling
  • Clipping or scissor finishing
Dog breeds

(If you do not see your breed listed please ask a member of the team for a quote)

Full Groom Prices

(All full grooms include bath, blow dry, body styling, eye and ear cleaning and nail clipping. Free bow included)

Bath & Brush Prices

(This includes a simple bath and blowdry with a light brush.
Excludes deshedding)

Afghan Hound65N/A
Airedale Terrier5535
Alaskan Malamute60N/A
American Bulldog3525
American Cocker4530
Australian Shepherd48N/A
Basset Griffon Vendeen Grand4832
Basset Griffon Vendeen Petit4430
Basset Hound3525
Bearded Collie5240
Bedlington Terrier4525
Belgian Shepherd4835
Bernese Mountain Dog68N/A
Bichon Frise4530
Blood Hound4025
Border Collie(Shrt) 35  (Lng) 46(Short Coat Only) 25
Border Terrier(Clip) 45   (H.S) 5525
Boston Terrier3020
Bouvier Des Flandres6045
Cairn Terrier4530
Canadian Eskimo Dog52N/A
Cavalier King Charles4530
Cesky Terrier4520
Chihuahua(Smth) 30   (Lng) 3520
Chinese Crested(H) 30   (P) 4020
Chow Chow52N/A
Clumber Spaniel4632
Cocker Spaniel4632
Dachshund(Shrt) 30  (Lng/Wire) 3520
Dandie Dinmont4530
Dogue De Bordeaux4030
English Bull Terrier3520
English Bulldog3020
English Fox Hound3020
English Pointer3525
English Setter5235
English Toy Terrier3020
Finnish Lapphund4832
Finnish Spitz4535
Flat Coat Retriever4832
Fox Terrier4530
French Bulldog3020
German Shepherd(Shrt) 45 (Lng) 52(Short haired only) £35
German Short Haired Pointer3520
German Spitz4535
German Wire Haired Pointer4635
Giant Schnauzer6540
Glen of Imaal Terrier4530
Golden Doodle5240
Golden Retriever52N/A
Gorden Setter5235
Great Dane48N/A
Griffon Bruxellois4328
Hungarian Puli46N/A
Ibizan Hound3020
Irish Setter5235
Irish Terrier4530
Irish Water Spaniel4832
Irish Wolfhound55N/A
Italian Greyhound3020
Italian Spinone4832
Jack Russell3520
Japanese Chin3520
Japanese Spitz4535
Japanese Spitz4535
Kerry Blue Terrier5035
Lakeland Terrier4530
Lancashire Heeler3520
Lhasa Apso4530
Manchester Terrier3020
Miniature Labradoodle4632
Miniature Pinscher3020
Miniature Poodle4535
Miniature Schnauzer4530
Munsterlander(Sml) 46  ( Lrge)  5232+
Norfolk Terrier4530
Norwegian Elkhound4832
Norwich Terrier4530
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever4635
Old English Sheepdog68N/A
Parsons Russell Terrier3520
Patterdale Terrier(Wire) 45 (Smth) 3520
Picardy Shepherd4536
Pomeranian(Sml) 35  (Lrge) 4525
Portuguese Podengo3525
Pyrenean Mountain Dog68N/A
Rhodesian Ridgeback3525
Rough Collie4832
Russian Black Terrier5545
Russian Toy3020
Scottish Terrier4530
Sealyham Terrier4530
Shar Pei40N/A
Shetland Sheepdog4832
Shih tzu4535
Siberian Husky52N/A
Silky Terrier4030
Skye Terrier4535
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier4835
Springer Spaniel4635
St Bernard68N/A
Staffordshire Bull Terrier3020
Standard Poodle5540
Standard Schnauzer5035
Sussex Spaniel4635
Swedish Vallhund4438
Tibetan Spaniel4025
Tibetan Terrier5535
Toy Poodle4030
Vizsla Smooth Hair3525
Vizsla Wire Haired4635
Weimaraner(Smth) 35 (Lng) 5025
Welsh Collie(Shrt) 30 (Lng) 4630
West Highland Terrier4535
Yorkshire Terrier Large4535
Yorkshire Terrier Small3525

Puppy Groom

This includes bath and brushing the coat, eyes/ear cleaning and nail clipping (Avaliable after completion of vaccinations, up to 6 months only) £21

Nail Trim £8.00

Quick Paws and Mix 2 for £10 (Walk in)

  • Facial trim
  • Hygiene trim
  • Ear clean and Tidy
  • Nail trim Pawdicure
  • Teeth clean
  • Hand made bow

Luxury Paws and Mix 2 for £15
(only applicable on top of full grooms)

  • Deshedding shampoo
  • Conditioning treatment
  • Luxury Pawdicure
  • Facial scrub (inc eye trim)

Hand stripping (on top of full groom price, coat must be strippable)

  • Small/Medium £15 Large/Giant £25

Matting charge (on top of full groom prices)

  • Localised Matting £5
  • Full body clip – Small/Medium £10
  • Full body clip – Large/Giant £15

Lateness Charge

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late dropping your pet off you will lose your appointment and will be liable to pay 50% of the grooming price.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late picking up you will be charged £5 per 30 minutes for boarding fees

Cancellation/ No show Policy Fees

Under 24 hour cancellations or no shows on the day will result in 50% charge of the groom before rebooking future appointments (outstanding balance)

Flea Treatment

  • (These cost are for treating your pet with a flea shampoo and to treat the salon environment)
  • £5 for light infestation – Charge will be added on the total grooming price
  • £10 for heavy infestation – Charge will be added on the total grooming price

Emmi pet Ultrasonic teeth cleaning

  • £35 for pets first session – 30 minutes.
  • £25 for additional sessions – 30 minutes
  • £10 for brush heads (small/large)
  • £7.50 if your brush head gets damaged during use.



Meet the team

Laura Cullom (Salon Manager)

Growing up I was very passionate about dogs. I knew I wanted to work with dogs, so I went to college to study my BTEC level 3 in Animal Management, during this time I worked at my local RSPCA. 

After this I went on to study Animal Science at University where I originally was planning to become a veterinary nurse. I did one-year placement working in a vet and completed my degree and became a member of the British Association of animal science.

Whilst at university I also travelled abroad to work for an endangered turtle charity in Greece. After deciding veterinary work wasn’t for me, I got a trainee position at a local dog grooming parlor and absolutely loved it! I’ve been grooming for over 3 years now and hope to compete in some grooming competitions in the near future. 

Sam Hooker (Stylist)

I always knew I wanted to work with animals but could never pin down exactly what it was I wanted to do. Then I rescued my dog Bertie when I was 12. I used to love when he came back home from the groomers and asked my parents to buy me a set of clippers.

I had been grooming him for 9 years and in the mean time I undertook my Foundation Degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Whilst doing my course I volunteered on a farm and at a dog kennels and went on to work for Paws Etc. as a retail assistant.

I’ve been with the company for nearly 3 years now and recently completed my Level 2 & 3 City and Guilds dog grooming course at GroomArts Academy and cannot wait to get stuck into making dogs and owners feel how me and my dog did when he came back from the groomers.

What to expect from the team/salon

Arrival ​

All Pets must be on a lead or in a carrier when entering the salon. Even if your pet is well trained off the lead we kindly ask that they are kept on a lead when entering the store and salon for safety purposes.

If you have forgotten your lead, please ask a member of the team so we can provide one for you to borrow to get your pet in and out of the car and salon safely. Please ensure that your pet has been relieved before they enter the salon, this ensures they are comfortable throughout the groom.


Grooming Times ​

We kindly ask that you endeavour to arrive for your scheduled appointment on time but no sooner than 10mins before the start of the groom.

We like to ask for at least 1 hour for bath and brushes and between 1-3 hours for a full groom depending on the breed and size.

We make every effort to give you the best estimated time for grooming, but unforeseen things can disrupt grooming and timings. We therefore reserve the right to make the necessary changes to timings but we will notify you.

If you are late dropping your pet off or showing up early to pick your pet up. This may take the groomer longer to finish the groom as your pet will need to settle down before we can continue. This then sets us back throughout the rest of the day. We polity ask that you do not turn up 10 minutes before the scheduled drop off or pick up time but no more than 15 minutes late to drop off or pick up. We want to ensure grooming is enjoyable as possible for your pet which means we will not rush our grooms and we may give breaks on occasions where your pet is elderly or getting stressed. We will not keep your pets here any longer than needed if they are getting stressed and uncomfortable.


Bathing Guarantee​

All pets must be bathed in our salon so we can ensure their coat has been cleaned thoroughly and prepped properly ready to be groomed. (There is no discount to dogs being bathed at home).

A professional bath, brush and blow dry with only natural products is carried out with every grooming appointment.

We always try our very best to groom your pet to the style and length of your choice.

If for any reason you would like us to tweak your pet’s haircut, please contact us within 48 hours and we will correct any issues with no charge (excludes bath and depending on availability).


We recommend waiting 2 weeks after the 2nd vaccination before booking a puppy into the salon. We will not groom any dog that is listed or crossed with any dog under the Dangerous Dog Act 1991.

Full grooms will be £10 extra an hour if your pets require more than one groomer e.g. aggressive, big or elderly etc.

During busy periods (especially Christmas) we will ask for a deposit to secure your booking
If you have any enquiries about our services or would like to make a booking please contact : 01628 617642 or email thespa@pawsetc.co.uk

If we’ve not had 24 hours’ notice, we will charge a 50% fee of the full groom price and any future appointment will not be made until the

outstanding balance has been paid (this is excused if we feel there was a true emergency that couldn’t be helped but that is at our discretion). No shows have a big effect on our business therefore a 50% fee of the full grooming price will need to be settled before any further appointments can be made.

The Spa @ Paws Etc. only use natural products on your dog, no harmful chemicals.

We understand some of our customers have their own products, our team is more than happy to use these when provided (for example If your pet suffers skin allergies).

You must inform your groomer of any medical conditions so that we can ensure your pet will be comfortable enough to carry out the groom.

Our salon has air con and heating so that your pet is always comfortable. We do not use drying cabinets. All pets in our care are towel and hand dried. We always put the welfare of the pets rst therefore if your pet comes in matted please read our matting policy. We have the right to refuse any pet which shows aggressive behavior towards our stylists and other pets within our care, this also includes pets that are physically un t to be groomed.

Any Complaints regarding pet grooming need to be made within 48 hours to rst the groomer who cared for your pet and then to the salon manager.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you will lose your slot and be liable to pay for 50% of the groom price.
  • If you do not collect your pets on time you will incur a £5 boarding charge for every 30 minutes over the collection time.
  • Please ensure that you have given your pets the opportunity to relieve themselves before their grooming appointment.
  • All double-coated breeds (German Shepherds, Huskies, Golden Retrievers) will not be clipped unless clipped previously or advised by the vets. If your pet’s coat is matted, we will discuss clipping your pet.
  • You must inform the grooming team of any medical or behavioural condition that your pet may have upon booking the appointment. We have the right to refuse any pet that is not medically or mentally t to be groomed.
  • All pets left in the salon are at the owner’s risk and we will not be liable for any loss of personal items.
  • We recommend that puppies wait two weeks after their last vaccination before booking a puppy groom.
  • We do not groom any dog that is or crossed with any dog breeds currently on the Dangerous Dog’s Act 1991.
  • The team have the right to refuse to groom any pet or customer without reason.
  • As seen in the matting policy we will add a matting charge on top of the full groom price wherever it is deemed necessary.
  • If for any reason two groomers are needed to carry out a groom on your pet, an extra charge of £10 will be added on top of the grooming price.
  • Any pet that is pregnant or still in milk will not be groomed in the salon.
  • Owners must inform the grooming team if their bitch is in season at the time of their groom.
  • We have the right to refuse any pet infested with parasites (eg ticks, lice, mites and eas). If your pet is found to have eas during the groom an additional charge will be added to the grooming price.
  • We have the right to muzzle any pet that displays aggressive behaviours to staff members or other pets within the salon. If we feel like your pet is too aggressive, we have the right to refuse and will not book any future appointments.
  • Please ensure that you have insured your pet as we will not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury, death or illness suffered by your pet whilst in our care.
  • During busy periods, especially December, all customers will be asked to pay a deposit to secure bookings.
  • Any complaints regarding The Spa @ Paws Etc. must be directed to the salon manager.
  • Paws Etc. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

The products we use


Welcome to HOWND, a multi-award winning, ethical, and Cruelty Free Certified brand of natural pet products.

Our innovative range of health, wellness and hygiene products are specifically designed for dogs of all breeds, from puppies right through to golden oldies, and available for both discerning dog owners and professional groomers.

Using our unique blends of healthy and healing essential oils, our products contain pH balanced formulas that are kind to the skin and coat, leaving dogs smelling great, looking wonderful and feeling happy.

Our full range of Grooming Products are Vegan and our new Organic Hemp Wellness Treats are Vegetarian. Everything is proudly made in the UK and accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation and the NatureWatch Foundation.

Paw Naturel

Paw Naturel create natural dog shampoos with high quality ingredients. The ingredients in our products are hand picked to help improve skin and coat, and are picked specifically so that they won’t cause irritation or harm.

We have achieved this by making sure that all of our products are free from harsh irritants, such as SLS and SLES (sulphates), MIT, alcohol, parabens, amongst other irritants. Our shampoos are so good that they’ve improved Eczema on many people.

We do, and there is nothing quite like Paw Naturel! Our products will always contain the highest quality ingredients and fragrances that we can get our paws on, and we have worked with some of the top chemists on our unique formulations and recipes.

We are honest about what goes in to our products as well as ensuring they are cruelty free, hypoallergenic and performance-lead. So rest assured, you have our promise that we will always strive to use the best ingredients to provide your pooch with a crisp, clean, fluffy and luxurious finish, that the other dogs will be envious of.

For enquires or bookings, please contact us on

01628 617642